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***Tours are shut down for the season. Keep watch on our Facebook page for updates and news.***

Welcome to the official site of the Phoenix Ghost Tours. Come along for an hour long, guided walking tour of downtown Phoenix, Arizona, sharing stories of the downtown's history, the death and mayhem that has occurred here, and give you a peek into the para-normal activities some locations have been (in)famous for!

"If you are looking for a tour that will outfit you with cameras and EMF detectors so you can go 'ghost hunting' and you can show your friends the dust particles you caught on film this is not it.  They will not insult your intelligence.  If you are looking for a tour that will provide you accurate information on the history of this area, the events and documented accounts of paranormal activity then this is for you." - Vinnie A

pride ourselves on accurate and confirmed information. Our strenuous research and high standards for witness accounts means you get the real thing. Come join the fun! Tours are for entertainment purposes only.

Follow us on Facebook. Read our FAQ's and Policies Page. Looking forward to meeting you in a dark alley soon!

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